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Full-Service Data Center Migration

The professionals at Instor use a proven methodology to make certain your data center migration project is a stress-free upgrade of your business’s IT capabilities.

With the help of Instor, an experienced Silicon Valley-based data center consultant, your data migration project will avoid common pitfalls such as excessive downtime, schedule overruns, end-user frustrations, and a lack of coordination among contractors.

As a project manager who oversees the project, Instor executes a detailed strategy customized to the needs of your company that includes:

  • Determining the contents of your current data center. Developing a viable data center migration plan that includes costs and a timeline can be done with a thorough understanding of goals, site inspection, and application testing / benchmarking is done.
  • Assessing your future needs. Anticipating your company’s future technological needs is a key component of any data center migration. Planning for space, power and hardware requirements in coming years paves the way for the sustained growth of your successful business. Our knowledge of the latest trends in energy conservation, data management, hardware integration and security will help ensure all of the future needs are considered.
  • Efficient implementation. Once your data center migration checklist is in place, the complex task of moving the technological heart of your company begins. This stage involves following a step-by-step logistical process in order to minimize disruptions to your business operations, staying within budget, communicating progress, and meeting deadlines for a successful data center migration.

Full-Service Data Center Migration Consultation

Instor is a non-traditional data center consultant. With hundreds of projects to our credit, we have an overall vision that comes from experience and a deep knowledge of how to efficiently build the best customized solutions in our industry.

Along with the ability to expertly plan every facet of a migration, Instor can work with existing sub-contractors and distributors, or has the experience and relationships to deal directly with manufacturers. This direct practice reduces costs for our clients by as much as 30 percent, enables us to meet tight deadlines, and cuts weeks from the schedule of a typical project.

Because Instor can handle your project from start to finish, your IT employees are able to do their jobs without interruption, free from the in-house burdens that accompany many data center migrations.

To request a consultation to see how your migration would flow smoothly, contact Instor, the Silicon Valley data center migration professionals, today.

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