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Instor started providing data center infrastructures to the San Francisco Bay Area over 25 years ago, and since then has expanded our presence throughout the United States. We have regional offices in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area and in Ashburn, Virginia. Instor has international capabilities with an office in Dublin, Ireland. Our team of IT engineers and experts collaborates with our team of staff authors to provide educational data center infrastructure blogs and case studies of previous projects. Instor specialized in unique and customized data center solutions to allow you to focus on your core business. Our experts have a wealth of data center knowledge and experience to provide the best solution to your data center, colocation, or lab.

An Out of the Box – 48v DC Solution


Challenge: A telecommunications firm, was looking to build out a whitespace with a -48V DC plant in order to better serve its customers with on-demand video and other streaming entertainment options in the Houston, Texas area. Solution: The client not only saved money by avoiding building a new data center site, but it was [...]

An Out of the Box – 48v DC Solution2018-09-18T09:58:04+00:00

Packing a Powerful Punch in a Small Space


Challenge: With locations on both the East and West coasts of the United States, our client offers business hosting solutions that include unlimited disk space, free SSL, free server management and “all nines” network uptime. Our client’s services have been so popular that an expansion became essential, despite the recent addition of a second data center suite in West [...]

Packing a Powerful Punch in a Small Space2018-08-01T11:40:36+00:00

Predicting Costs with Data Center Fit-Up’s Estimator Tool


Challenge: A major tech company needed an edge solution with a Primary Point of Presence in Texas. As part of its fit-up, the build required a 20x20 foot cage for a total of 400 square feet in a colocation data center. Solution: Having heard about Instor’s tool, the company navigated to the estimator tool and began to fill [...]

Predicting Costs with Data Center Fit-Up’s Estimator Tool2018-09-18T10:45:38+00:00

Deployment of 650 Cabinets Within A Colocation


Download colocated data center case study Challenge: Looking to expand its presence in the Pacific Northwest, a large tech company sought a deployment of 650 cabinets across 15 pods in an existing colocation facility. Per the colo's SLA, a containment strategy was needed. Dissatisfied with its previous Containment Provider, this company turned [...]

Deployment of 650 Cabinets Within A Colocation2018-09-18T10:43:07+00:00

$90 million on-premise data center build


Download flagship data center case study Challenge: Legendary coffee purveyors Farmer Brothers needed an on-premise data center built as part of a new $90 million headquarters. Requirements included redundant HVAC and fire suppression for enterprise compute. Solution: Instor worked with Farmer Brothers on a virtually contained smart row solution to keep dirt and debris out. The [...]

$90 million on-premise data center build2018-09-18T10:44:15+00:00

Inefficient cooling system raising operating costs


Download Hollywood studio data center case study Challenge: With a PUE of more than 2.0, this major motion picture studio needed to revamp its HVAC system to increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. Solution: Although the studio had requested a combination of hard and soft containment, after a single site [...]

Inefficient cooling system raising operating costs2018-09-18T10:38:25+00:00

Data center needed infrastructure within 45 days


Download expedited colocation build-out case study Challenge: One of the country's leading technology companies was under an extremely tight deadline to build out infrastructure for a 4,500-square-foot colocation data center. In addition to an aggressive timeline, the company needed to install new equipment while moving existing systems out of one of [...]

Data center needed infrastructure within 45 days2018-09-18T10:35:19+00:00

Strict requirements impede data center upgrade


Download university case study Challenge: A major private research university wanted to improve energy efficiency in its legacy high-density data center by upgrading everything from air conditioning and power systems to airflow balance and cold aisle containment. However, the fire marshal refused to allow modifications to the complex overhead fire suppression [...]

Strict requirements impede data center upgrade2018-09-18T10:50:38+00:00

Updating 1970s legacy data center while capturing results


Download legacy update case study Challenge: Originally designed to house mainframes and tape libraries, the data center was due for a massive overhaul. The utility company also needed a way to monitor, record and compare efficiency before and after the project so they could determine which best practices to implement in [...]

Updating 1970s legacy data center while capturing results2018-09-18T10:51:52+00:00

From Big Carbon Footprint to Green IT Award


Download Green IT Award update case study Challenge: A national health care system realized one of its three data centers was at risk of running out of power. In addition, an organization-wide commitment to green practices meant that the data center needed to drastically reduce its monthly energy consumption, qualify for [...]

From Big Carbon Footprint to Green IT Award2018-09-18T10:42:04+00:00