When you peel back the data center onion, you’ll find multiple layers, including cooling, heating, cables and airflow. Here’s how raised floors and airflow tiles can help save you money.

Raised Floors and Airflow Tiles Will Help You Save on Cooling Costs

Sometimes, your floor needs a floor of its own. Raised floors in data centers provide the ability to run cabling and cooling infrastructure above the existing slab floor. On top of that, raised floors can help you save money in your data center by ensuring proper airflow throughout your facility.

Raised Floors

Raised floors are built to secure a large number of data cables while also tackling high heat loads, making for a unique and scalable solution that will last you for years to come should you expand your data center. Instor works with manufacturers such as Tate to provide cost-effective bolted stringer systems with standard steel panels rated up to 1,250 pounds per square foot. For higher traffic areas, consider upgrading to a floor tile with a slightly higher load rating.

Airflow Tiles

Airflow tiles from trusted partners Tate and Triad come in directional and vertical airflow panel options to provide lower-cost cooling to your data center. If you have highly trafficked areas, we can provide your data center with heavy load airflow tiles that will support up to a ton and a half. Choose tiles with dispersed airflow capabilities for up to seven feet of stratification and low Airflow Utilization Efficiency scores. Remember, you need to match up the proper airflow tile with your IT load, airflow management and building cooling infrastructure.

raised floors

Your Raised Floor and Airflow Tile Solution

If all of this is a bit confusing, don’t worry. The team at Instor has more than 30 years of experience working with everyone from small data center operators to hyperscale Fortune 500 companies. We’ve provided custom cuts, specialized vented tiles and done grommet installs across the globe. Our team of experts works closely with you to determine your needs and provide for them in a vendor-agnostic manner.

Ready to explore raised floors and/or airflow tiles in your data center? Get in touch with us today.