Data center management: sometimes, it presents quite the dilemma. How do you maintain your reputation for uptime while keeping an eye on the costs associated with running a data center? Anyone who has been there knows it’s not an easy line to walk.

Data center management

Some days it seems there is pressure from every angle, from management keeping watch over the bottom line to customers who expect flawless delivery of data without a moment’s hesitation. Fortunately, you can strike a balance between the two by following these best practices for data center management. 

  1. Look ahead: As we inch closer to the 2020s, we’re seeing data center densities rise with each passing year. With per-rack power densities hovering around 7 kW (and with some even surpassing 20 kW), it’s not hard to imagine these numbers will continue to skyrocket over the coming decade. When you practice functional testing on a regular basis, you’re protecting against issues with your UPS, batteries and airflow. If you are using virtualization, this goes double.
  2. Structured cabling: This point can’t be hammered home enough. Whether you’re looking to save headaches in the short run or the long term, structured cabling is an excellent way to go about it. Keep your patch cables short and implement a color-coding system to keep track of that potential rat’s nest of wires in your data center. This will also allow you to scale up in the future.
  3. Remote monitoring: Temperature and humidity can be killers in the data center. With remote monitoring and management, you’ll keep a finger on the pulse of your facility 24/7. Set up power alerts to let you know when specific levels are rising or take control of individual outlets even when you can’t be on site.
  4. Hot/cold aisle containment: Eliminate hot spots in the data center, reduce humidification/dehumidification costs and lower your power bills by performing hot and cold aisle containment. 

Other issues to keep an eye on include (obviously) power and security. By following these best practices, you’ll keep your costs low, your bosses happy and your customers even happier. Need help with any of these items? Instor can help you knock out that checklist by helping with everything from project management to relocation to data center fit-ups and staff augmentation. 

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