Legendary coffee purveyors Farmer Brothers needed an on-premise data center solution built as part of a new $90 million headquarters. Requirements included redundant HVAC and fire suppression for enterprise compute. See how Instor solved the problem in this case study.

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Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Farmer Brothers: Case Study

When you spend $90 million on a new corporate headquarters, you’d better believe you’re going to choose the best partners to work with. That’s exactly what Farmer Brothers did when it built its new digs earlier this year in Texas. In this case study, see how Instor worked with Farmer Brothers on a virtually contained smartrow solution to keep dirt and debris out.

Also, learn how we:

  • Planned and executed this ground-up build
  • Helped the client chose between a traditional raised floor vs. a self-contained environment
  • Worked under a tight timeline to bring the project in on time and on budget

Read the case study today to also learn how Instor Solutions, Inc. was “critical in consulting, educating, installing, managing, procuring and supporting Farmer Brothers for our data center power, cooling and fire suppression needs,” as the client put it.

Read the Farmer Brothers Case Study