earthquake protection

Protect Your Data Center from Seismic Activity and Compare Your Options Using Rigid Bolting, NEBS Compliant Racks, or Base Isolation Technology  for Earthquake Protection

Cabinet Earthquake Protection Options Within the Data Center

Data centers that have not prepared for an earthquake, but have the misfortune of being in an earthquake, become a room of wreckage compared to the neatly planned rows of servers they once were.

Servers racks are toppled over other server racks like dominoes, network connections are broken, and equipment is damaged. If a data center is located in a high risk area for earthquakes, it can face great financial losses from downtime to equipment damage if an earthquake occurs.

Every data center has different needs. There are options that a data center operator can preemptively utilize to protect the server room during an earthquake.

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Learn How to Protect Your Data Center From Earthquake Damage