Data Center Containment

Think back to the last power bill you got for your home. One of two things happened as you opened the envelope: you were either happy with the bill or you frowned and said something along the lines of, “that’s too much. We can do better.” If it was the latter, you probably took a quick inventory of your in-home power usage, sealing off rooms that aren’t in use, unplugging vampire electronics and taking more control of your thermostat. You would, in essence, perform containment on overly hot or cool zones. 

Guess what? It’s just like that in the data center.

When your data center’s energy bills are giving you nightmares and cutting into your company’s bottom line, it’s time to take action. One of the best ways to deal with high power bills in the data center is via containment.

Cold Aisle Containment & Hot Aisle Containment
When it comes down to it, there are two major options for containment – hot aisle and cold aisle. Which one works best for you is a personal decision based on several factors. Whichever you choose, when you keep hot exhaust from mixing with cold air, your cooling units have a lot less heavy lifting to do and this results in an energy efficient data center with lower power bills. In some cases, it even results in a rebate from the local utility.

Other containment options include employing blanking panels to reduce the empty space between racks and promote a more consistent temperature within the cold aisle. Grommets are also excellent for fighting air leakage in the cable openings of raised floor data centers.

Even lighting makes a difference when it comes to keeping the right air temperature mix stable in your data center. LED lighting has been shown to reduce cold aisle temperatures by up to three degrees. This means you’ll save a bundle over fluorescent and more traditional lighting types. You can even control the lights over network for increased savings.

The Three Steps
With so many options available to data center managers and executives, it’s important to make the right choice the first time. Instor offers flexible, feature-packed containment solutions from Legrand, Tate Airflow, Chatsworth, and others to help eliminate hot spots and increase cooling efficiency.

To make the decision as easy as possible, we’ve created these three simple steps to containment:

  1. We’ll assess your current environment and listen to your efficiency goals.
  2. You will get a variety of options to choose from that best fit your goals.
  3. We’ll build out your containment so you can start seeing improved efficiency immediately.

If your power bills have been on your mind, containment is an excellent, cost-effective solution. Boost the performance of your IT equipment while improving cooling efficiency and cutting your overall costs in one fell swoop.

When you’re ready, our team is here to help.

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