Data Center News Roundup for Friday, April 26, 2019

This week, we take a look at Microsoft’s big play in the Phoenix market; the ability to access data centers with biometrics; lessons from a phishing attack, more.


Microsoft gets in on Phoenix Action

We recently mentioned that Phoenix, Arizona has becomes the nation’s second most active data center market (but still being lapped by perennial leader northern Virginia). This week, there’s word from AZ Central that Microsoft has spent $37 million on 147 acres on the west side of Phoenix for data centers. A Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement that the facilities will “support the growing demand for cloud and internet services in Arizona and across the Western United States.” Full piece here.


Lessons from a Phishing Attack

Recently, Indian tech company Wipro suffered an extensive attack on its data centers via a phishing attack. What can we learn from this seemingly avoidable breach? That’s the topic of a new piece from Data Center Knowledge, which provides a reminder that everyone from mom and pop businesses to the largest enterprise companies can fall prey to this sort of attack. Citing a Verizon report, 13 percent of such breaches are initiated by a simple phishing attack via email. Among the things a company can to to prevent these attacks is to increase security awareness training for employees, i.e. don’t click that suspicious email. In fact, 78 percent of all employees can spot an attempted phishing scheme on first sight, but it’s the other 22 percent you have to worry about. Other steps include employing anti-phishing and anti-malware filters for Outlook and other email systems. Story and tips here.


Control, in the Palm of Your Hands

Thumbprints and retain scans. Formerly the stuff of science fiction and detective novels, they’re now so widespread that everyone has a device in their pockets that taps into this technology. The smartphone, of course. Writing for Data Center Knowledge this week, Maria Korolov outlines a simple, but effective method of accessing data center assets via fingerprint, facial recognition, voice authentication and other biometric identifiers. There are, of course, downsides to such technology and Krolov lays them out with the pros and cons in her piece. More here.


Facebook enters ‘Breaking Bad’ Territory

Albuquerque is known for two things: being the setting of the TV show “Breaking Bad,” and being really, really hard to spell correctly the first time. But Facebook may add a third piece of notoriety to the New Mexico city, with news this week that the social giant is buying up more than 400 acres there. While there’s no word from Zuckerberg on what the land will be used for, it’s widely known that Facebook is building a billion-dollar data center in Los Lunas. Six buildings are in the works, with one recently completed this winter. The new land acquisition may have to do with a regulatory crackdown which would see Facebook spending nearly $40 million for power transmission lines for its facilities. Details here.