Hip hop artist Ice Cube once famously suggested to “check yourself before you wreck yourself.” So, if you thought the worlds of rap and data center management couldn’t be further apart, think again. In fact, making a Data Center Walkthrough Checklist and checking it regularly is one of the keys to data center success.

data center walkthrough checklist

Make a Data Center Walkthrough Checklist and Check it Once. Check it Twice.

Data center maintenance requires regular vigilance. Unchecked small nuances can have catastrophic results in the long run. But it’s easy to overlook these small steps due to more high-priority tasks and busy schedules.

A data center walkthrough checklist can help organize the tasks and keep the process transparent. The list below can work as a starting point for your data center daily walkthrough. This serves merely as a starting point. Each data center is unique and you should adjust the list according to your organization’s needs.

Building Exterior

__ Premise Fence Line. Check if there is any sign of tampering of the area fence line.

__ Generator Sounds. Check if the generators are making any unusual sound.

__ Burning Smell. Check if there are any burning smell coming from the power related equipment.

__ Power Unit Locks. Ensure all power units are locked.

__ Generator and Air Conditioning Fence Line. Check if the fence line surrounding the generator and air conditioning equipment are intact.

__ Air Handler Unit (AHU) Vents. Check if the AHU vents are clear and in good condition.

__ Air Handler Unit (AHU) Locks. Check if the AHUs are locked.

__ External Gate and Door Locks. Ensure all main gates and doors are locked.

Loading Dock

__ Overhead Door Secured. Check if the overhead door is locked.

__ First Aid Kit. Check if the loading dock has a first aid kit ready for use.

__ Delivery Cage Locks. Ensure the delivery cages are locked.

__ Keys. Ensure all the keys are accounted for.

__ Sign-Out Sheets. Check if new sign-out sheets are present.

__ Roof Access Locks. Ensure that the roof access is locked.

Entranceway and Staff Offices

__ Main Alarm. Check if the main alarm is turned off when staff is present.

__ Area Maintenance. Ensure the entranceway and staff offices are clean and tidy.

__ Obstruction Removal. Remove any unnecessary objects to ensure clean working environment.

__ Ambient Temperature. Ensure comfortable ambient temperature for entranceway and offices.

__ Restroom. Ensure restrooms are clean and ready-to-use.

__ Plumbing. Ensure plumbing is in good condition for restrooms and water fountain areas.

Telecom Room (TR)

__ Temperature. Ensure telecom room is maintaining the desired temperature. Look out for overheating of any instruments.

__ Clutter Removal. Messy cables and improperly stack instruments can cause accidents or create fire hazards. Keep environment as clutter free as possible.

Data Center – Main Floor

__ Dust Mat. Check if the dust mat it clean and working.

__ Rack Alerts. Listen for any beeping or unusual blinking alerts from the racks. Don’t leave warning alerts unattended. Create an action item or ticket immediately to resolve the problem.

__ Air Conditioning Alerts. Check for air conditioning alerts.

__ Air Conditioning Air Temperature. Check if the air coming out of the air conditioning unit is cold.

__ Air Conditioning Unit Locks. Check if the air conditioning unit is properly locked/

__ Hot Aisle Doors. Check if hot aisle doors are locked.

__ Hot Aisle Temperature. Check if hot aisle temperature is within limits.

__ Ambient Main Floor Temperature. Ensure the overall temperature of the main floor is within limits.

__ Humidity Levels. Check if humidity is within acceptable levels.

__ Fire Suppression System Alerts. Check the fire suppression system for any alerts.

__ Fire Suppression System Tank. Check if the fire suppression tank is full.

__ Air Filtration Check. Check if the air filtration system is operational.

__ Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Alerts. Check if the PDUs are displaying any alerts.

__ Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Locks. Check if the PDUs are locked properly.

__ Tool Organization. Check if all necessary tools are neatly organized.

__ Crash Cart Placement. Ensure the crash cart is stored in the proper place.

__ Raised Floor Tiles. Check if the raised floor tiles are in good condition.

__ Battery Array Temperature. Check if battery array temperature is within the optimum range.

__  Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Alerts. Check for UPS alerts.

__ Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Locks. Check if UPSs are locked properly.

__ Generator Status. Check if generators are operating normally.

__ Door Seal Check. Check if the main door closes properly with a tight seal.

Long-Term Storage Room – Tape Library

__ Ambient Temperature. Tapes can last longer in ideal heat. Ensure room temperature is following tape specifications.

__ I/O Station Alerts. Check if the tape library I/O station is displaying any alerts.

The habit of regularly checking facility and equipment status will keep your data center ready for any emergency. A data center walkthrough checklist will also prevent bad practices that can lead to hazardous circumstances. The checks and balances can help you operate an efficient data center and minimize risk factors.  Hopefully, the above checklist will help you with your data center upkeep.

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