Data centers don’t always promote their creative aesthetics, designs or locations. Often, they would rather be known for their performance and efficiency. However, there are a lot of data centers that will dazzle you with their beauty or intrigue you with their mystique and straight up weirdness. Here’s a look at some of the oddest ones around.

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15 Amazing Data Centers Born From Creative Ideas and Designs

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CyberBunker – Created In A Secretive Nuclear Bunker
Before 1996, the facility of this Netherlands data center used to be a nuclear bunker. The facility was created during the Cold War. It had the ability to keep electronic equipment running for 10 years without any outside help.

Hammond Data Center – Coal Rush

The abandoned coal-fired power plant in Hammond, Indiana was crucial to the development of Chicago. Recently, it was prepped as a competitor for Amazon’s second headquarters. After losing the Amazon bid, a group of New York-based developers saw an opportunity. They are currently converting this abandoned power plant into a data center.

OVH – No Air Conditioning Required

The French OVH data center has changed the common belief that data centers have to use air conditioning to cool the equipment. The hollow core design and efficient water cooling system allow OVH to operate without any air conditioners.

Yahoo! New York – Chicken Coop Made Practical

In 2010, Yahoo! Established its “chicken coop”-based data center design in New York. The purpose was to reduce cooling costs using the same kind of venting and air flow as chicken coops. The success of this attempt led to another data center in 2016.

Cloud&Heat – Data Center As Radiator

This German company doesn’t waste the heat from the servers. Specially designed cabinets are placed in commercial and personal buildings. The units serve as radiators for the facilities.

PCextreme – Made For Raspberry Pi

This data center in the Netherlands was created with the objective to serve colocations for Raspberry Pi systems. Raspberry Pi is a bargain micro PC that is popular among developers for creating microprocessor-based solutions like IoT devices.

Nautilus Data Center – Floating Data Yacht

The California-based Nautilus Data Technologies is developing water-cooled data centers that will be located on yachts. The possibility of mobile data centers makes it an appealing idea for businesses.

Microsoft Data Center – Under the Ocean

In 2015, Microsoft came up with the design to put data center units under the sea. It has also filed an application to patent the idea of an artificial reef of data centers. So the future of cloud computing might be underneath the ocean.

Facebook’s Swedish Data Center – Using Freezing Air

Facebook’s Swedish data center is 70 miles from the Arctic Circle. The reason for choosing this freezing cold location is the cold air. Facebook is using the air to cool servers and save on energy bills.

Google’s Finnish Data Center – Converted Paper Mill

Google’s data center in Hamina, Finland, used to be a paper mill. The facility helps Google take advantage of the surrounding ice-cold seawater to keep its servers cool.

Swiss Fort Knox — Keeping Data Safe in the Mountains

Two independent data centers in the Swiss Alps are known as the Swiss Fort Knox. The data centers provide solid protection against civil and military threats.

Green Mountain DC1-Stavanger – A NATO Ammunition Storehouse Conversion

This Norwegian data center used to be a facility to store ammunition for NATO forces. Today it’s a data center that serves Norway and parts of Europe.

Barcelona Super Computing Center – Finding God

This data center has proven that data protection and divinity can work together. It is located in a 19th-century former chapel called Torre Girona. Instor’s own Lisa Hensley visited the sacred site recently. Read about her trip here.

Bahnhof’s Thule Data Center – Neon Lights For The Cool Kids

This Swedish data center is unique because of its licensed bar and disco lighting. The bar offers Bahnhof’s self-brewed “No Latency” beer. The neon lights make the atmosphere feel more like a nightclub than a data center.

Très Grand Centre de Calcul (TGCC) – Alien-Themed Data Center

Data center server racks aren’t known for their beauty. However, this French facility has managed to include patterned design and lights on their server racks to create an out of this world experience.