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Data Center Project Management 101

It takes a special personality type to be a successful project manager. Maybe you’ve known a few in your time. Maybe you are one. These spreadsheet-loving, Gantt chart-building masters of organization know how to get things done and they’re often the unsung heroes of the corporate world.

So, imagine what it takes to be a data center infrastructure project manager.

The DIY Route

The truth is, far too many companies take unnecessary risk by using an in-house PM to oversee an IT equipment upgrade or buildout. It sounds good at first, but invariably this approach leads to costly errors – of both the time and money variety. In-house PMs already have a full plate of responsibilities, and overseeing an IT project can become overwhelming in a very short time.

For even the most experienced PMs, there’s a lot that can go wrong with a data center buildout, fitup, colocation move or migration. First, there are all the moving parts to keep track of. From the contractors to the client to the manufacturers, running a data center infrastructure project can be a lot like a game of dominoes. One piece falls out of place and the entire project can end up being delayed, causing cost overruns and very unhappy clients.

A truly excellent project manager will keep track of your system availability, predict potential roadblocks and risks, coordinate a virtual army of people, all while keeping an eye on the budget and the future scalability of your project. They are change managers, calendar jugglers, GTDers and resource wizards, all rolled into one.

There’s a Better Way

So, how do you avoid the frustration of project delays, frazzled team members and increased costs? Here’s a suggestion: turn to a team of professionals who have overseen projects just like yours for the last 30 years. A team with a roster of satisfied – and repeat – customers who are kicking back and enjoying all that ROI goodness on their latest project.

When you work with a trusted partner to manage your next big IT project, you’re avoiding a potential minefield of mishaps and all the problems that come with it. The right PM will provide structure and a standardized approach to data center fitups. They’ll draw on years of experience, helping to lower the risk and deliver predictable outcomes. In the end, quality control leads to satisfied clients and that’s exactly what the team here at Instor brings clients, both existing and new.

We know the questions to ask. We know how to deliver scalable solutions. And we get it right the first time, every time.

How It Works

First, we start with scope. Dig into the technical details and learn about your goals. With the end result in mind, we work backward to develop timelines, coordinate contractors and subcontractors, facilitate meetings and keep an extremely close eye on your budget at all times. Roles are defined, equipment ordered. Schedules are adhered to from start to finish.

Our PMs provide clear, consistent communication and serve as a single point of contact to save you time, money and headaches along the way. Our ongoing relationship with vendors means your equipment will arrive on time, within budget and you’ll be well on your way to deployment success in no time.

So, when the time rolls around and you’re considering a move, refresh or a new build, ask yourself what you want: migraines or Mission Accomplished? If it’s the latter, give us a call. We’d be honored to serve you.

But Wait … There’s More!

Our services aren’t just limited to the big projects. When it’s time to upgrade your power, reconfigure your conveyances, clean your data center or deal with long overdue network and connectivity issues, we can help there, too. Ready to see how we can help? Get in touch with an Instor team member today.