fire suppression


Will your fire suppression system impede a planned upgrade? Imagine this: you’re the head of IT for a major university. Jumping through hoops and dealing with red tape is your life. One day, you decide it’s time to upgrade your 10,000 square foot data center. The following improvements need to be made yesterday: air conditioning, power, airflow balancing and cold aisle containment. A big enough task on its own. But, as you start to plan for the refresh, you find that not everybody is onboard with this project, namely: the university’s fire marshal, who has questions of his own about how you should proceed. 

What do you do? 

One of Instor’s clients ran into this exact issue not long ago. The lowdown: this was a major private research university with a raised floor and a rather complex overhead fire suppression system. As the university began to draft its plan to restructure its cold aisle containment system, the school’s fire marshal stepped in with some bad news: the project’s containment panes would interfere with the overhead fire sprinklers, and that was a problem. 

To see how Instor helped the client retain access to the fire suppression system while installing smoke detectors above the cold aisles and achieving a 24 percent energy savings, check out our free case study here.