Instor provides earthquake protection options to data centers. One unique option for a server room with mission critical data is to perform a hot lift on live equipment racks and install Worksafe Technologies ISO-Base platform, which protects IT equipment from damaging seismic activity.

Instor Installs the ISO-Base on Six Live Mission Critical Racks and Builds out Another Three Racks in One Day

A hot lift is performed on live racks that contain mission critical data. During the process, live racks are very slowly lifted off the ground using a hydraulic lift to a height of five to six inches. A three-inch-high seismic mitigation platform is installed beneath the rack. The live racks are very slowly lowered down onto the platform; the rack remains unshaken during the entire process, and will remain so thereafter in the event of an earthquake.

Instor Performed a Hot Lift on Six Racks in a Server Room

Instor performed a hot lift on mission critical data for a legacy data center that has been an ISO-Base client for over a decade, using the platform as their preferred cabinet earthquake mitigation solution. The client wanted to have the latest model of Worksafe Technologies ISO-Base platform installed under a row of six racks.

Instor Performed the Hot Lift Within a Day

There must be eight inches of slack in the cabling, either looped or coiled to enable the racks to move. Instor’s employees inspected the racks and found a few cables that did not facilitate the hot lift. The cables were modified to facilitate the lift.

hot lift

Instor’s employees set up for the hot lift.

hot lift

During the hot lift, a frame comprised of steel girders was placed under and around the cabinets.

hot lift

A hydraulic pump was set up with hydraulic hoses reaching multiple pistons from the manifold.

hot lift

The multi-piston hydraulic pump very slowly lifted the racks in very small increments of 1/32 of an inch, with all the hydraulic pistons around the girders lifting the racks at the same rate.

hot lift

Once the live racks were lifted to a six-inch height, the ISO-Base platform was placed beneath the racks. Here is a picture (up close) of the mission critical racks lifted and the ISO-Base bearing in place.

hot lift

hot lift

The racks were then slowly lowered back on to the platform at the same rate they were lifted.

Instor also installed another three ISO-Base platforms in the row and built out an additional three cabinets within that same day that were cabled accordingly with 8 inches of slack.  Instor provided data center earthquake protection for nine racks total, while safely maintaining uptime on the six mission-critical racks, during the hot lift.

The Overall Capabilities of a Hot Lift

During a hot lift, multiple live racks can be lifted at the same time, each of which can weigh a few thousand pounds. In terms of row length, up to twenty-four feet of IT equipment within the same row can get data center earthquake protection during one lift.

The decision for every data center operator is different.

Instor can provide data center solutions to your mission critical equipment for an earthquake proof data center.

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