IT professional

If you’re an IT professional, we won’t even bother asking, “how’s your day going?” Chances are, you’re already in the weeds, which is the state you’ve been in since you woke up to a slew of critical emails and requests. The challenges you face would make a mere mortal crumble under the pressure, but you press on, maintaining a calm demeanor at all times because you take the “professional” part of “IT professional” to heart. You thrive on challenge.

So, when it comes to a data center build-out or equipment refresh, you already know that it’s not something to be undertaken lightly. You need expertise. You need wisdom. And you need people who will actually show up and get the job done on time and within budget. Over the course of your career, you may oversee a handful of data center builds, so when you hear that there’s a company that does at least five a month – builds of all shapes and sizes – you’re intrigued.

How We Can Help
Since way back in the 1980s, Bay Area-based Instor Solutions, Inc. has helped people just like yourself. Our expert focus is on IT, particularly when it comes to data center infrastructure. Our cohesive solutions blend best-in-breed products and data-driven strategy to learn about and solve your current and future IT needs.

Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about IT gear. This means when you work with us, you’ll get solutions that make your life easier. A top-down communications structure ensures you’re working with a direct model that leads to better guidance and faster deployment. And, perhaps most importantly, your data center’s operations will run efficiently and with no interruptions.

Details Matter
So, here’s question. How do you take a full 1MW data center buildout/fitup from a 12-week project to a 6-8 week deployment? By tapping into our core knowledge, direct manufacturer sourcing and advanced project management capabilities, that’s exactly what we can deliver for your next project. Oh, and we’ll do it all at 20 to 30 percent less than the other guys.

Along the way, you’ll get relevant project info without being pulled away from your daily duties (those emails we talked about earlier). Relocation is a snap, as we ensure your equipment is moved safely and within your project’s timelines. Need an outside of the box solution? Check out how we’ve done it for others just like you.

Also, we don’t just install, set it and forget it. We design scalable solutions that take your end goals and needs into consideration. With an understanding of how each component affects the overall operations of your facility, we work hard to find the right solution for you.

Ready to Learn More?
Getting in touch with our team is easy, and it’s a no-pressure deal. If we can simply help reaffirm that you’re on the right track, that’s exactly what we’ll do. If together, we determine that a build, relocation or colocation move is the proper path, we’ll do it together and do it right. Whatever you choose, take the opportunity to chat with us and we’ll make sure your future as an IT professional remains a bright and successful one.

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