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From CRAC to CRAH, in-row, rear door and other cooling methods, Instor Solutions, Inc. has all your data center cooling needs covered. Here’s a rundown of the basics.

What’s Cooler than Being Cool? Ice Cold

Yes, the calendar may say January and maybe all you can think about right now is getting – and staying – warm. But your data center has a different approach. Despite the weather, data centers still crave cool air. They thrive on it, in fact. With modern IT loads serving up challenges to traditional cooling architecture, high density, dynamic load variation requires a smart approach to cooling if you want to maintain availability and efficiency.

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of some of the top data center cooling products offered by Instor and its trusted manufacturing partners such as Vertiv, Stulz, APC, Rittal, Q Cooling and others.


“Just say no to CRAC” isn’t the best philosophy in the data center. Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC) and Handlers (CRAH) are the heartbeat of the data center. To achieve proper (and efficient) cooling, these units must be placed near computer equipment rows to deliver the coolest cold air and heat rejection. If you’re planning to add or upgrade cooling to your data center in 2019, get in touch with Instor to help plan, design and install your project.


In-row units are compact and efficient, with the small- to mid-sized data center as the perfect environment for these units. Instor works with Vertiv, Stulz and APX to offer a high level of control over temperature and airflow in the data center. These units work with server inlet temperatures to obtain high levels of efficiency within the data center or within high density applications.

Rear Door

While “Rear Window” may have been a great Hitchcock flick, rear door is the way to go in a data center. Tapping into the power of liquid cooled heat exchangers, these units deliver cold air into enclosures while pulling warmer air off of rackmount servers. Cost effective and readily available for rapid deployments, rear door solutions from our partners such as RDHx and Coolcentric are perfect for a variety of data center sizes.

Looking for customized cooling for your IT? Instor can help. Our solutions scale to your business needs so you’ll get exactly what you need the first time. Get in touch with us today.