Data center monitoring and management

Think fast: what do you think the competition is doing right now? Do you think they’re spending countless man-hours and capital to manually watch over their data centers? Unlikely. Gone are the days of guesswork and intensive labor to ensure everything is running smoothly in your facility. 

Today, it’s all about automated, remote data center monitoring and management.  

If you’ve ever spent the night tossing and turning because of concerns over zombie servers, high temperatures, fluid leaks and the possibility of unplanned downtime, you know it’s no fun. But how do you get from a state of worry to one of total confidence in the performance of your IT equipment and related data center functions? 

By turning to remote monitoring and management, you gain at least an equal footing with – if not an outright edge over – your competition by reducing the chances of downtime and increasing your overall efficiency. When you choose the right intelligent rack PDU and software, you’re investing in your company’s future while reducing your own stress. 

Temperature, Humidity, More
If you’ve ever wanted to keep a close eye on the temperature and humidity levels in your data center, environmental data center monitoring products may be just what the doctor ordered. Keep an eye on moisture and airflow to maintain near-perfect uptime levels with products from RLE Technologies and others offered by Instor. 

All About the Power
With Raritan’s Power IQ® DCIM Monitoring Software and Sentry Power Manager from Server Technology, you’ll be able to see circuit load status and environmental data while predicting power and cooling needs based on historical data. These tools are fully configurable, giving you a bird’s-eye view of your data center, no matter where you are. 

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is nothing new, but it bears repeating that this is a critical factor in ensuring your data center operates at top form at all times. With tools from our partners such as Nlyte and Sunbird, you get a customizable interface for all your monitoring and management needs. 

…And the Rest!
Let’s not forget about asset tracking and leak detection, either. When you work with Instor, you’re actually partnering with the top manufacturers in the data center industry, thanks to our vendor-agnostic approach that brings the right tools for your business, regardless of who makes them. Case in point: RFCode’s CenterScape asset tracking platform keeps an eye on your IT equipment’s location, temperature and other crucial KPIs thanks to wireless sensors that communicate with an integrated software platform designed for your company’s needs. Leak detection is a worry of the past with RLE Technologies’ tools that monitor for failures caused by CRAC, weather, heat and more. 

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