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This week in data center news, we look at the soaring hyperscale market, the lights-out concept and more data center news.


The Power of Edge Computing

The High Performance Computing Industry is driving many companies to consider using edge computing to help offload some of the demand brought about by consumers. By decreasing latency, edge computing solves many problems at once and helps direct data to consumers in a specific region without taxing others. This week, Data Center Frontier reported on an EdgeConneX white paper that details how everyone from data center operators to colos are catching the edge bug. In short, the report argues that edge computing helps ease “internet traffic bottlenecks,” and projects that worldwide traffic will grow 3X from the baseline year 2015 until next year, 2020. Regulatory challenges are also driving this move, the piece notes. More here.


People + Technology = Success

Have you heard of the concept of “Lights-out” data center operations? Schneider Electric executive Kevin Lemke explains it and argues for the importance of the people running data centers in a piece posted Thursday on Data Center News. His strategy for better digital data center operations is to do a better job of blending people and technology, saying, “As we move toward digital data center operations, some of those critical facility operations folks will be located in centralized centers of excellence, akin to a network operations center.” Once there, these personnel can focus more on overseeing multiple data centers instead of a single one. The result? Better efficiency and lowered costs. Read Kevin’s take here.


PR for Downtime

In other data center news from the week, what’s the worst data center nightmare you can think of? Preventable downtime that leads to a nightmare. Data Center Knowledge reports on a PR firm that’s helping data center operators tackle – and prevent – the negative press that comes with preventable and unforeseen downtime events, whether caused by human error, acts of nature or otherwise. The firm quoted in the article asserts that taking a proactive approach to such events is like buying “a life insurance policy” for your data center. Some of the takeaways: manage information sharing tightly during an event while balancing the customer’s need for information about the outage. See this and other tips here.


Hyperscale Soars

It’s no secret that the cloud continues a meteoric rise. Some new numbers back up this claim, The Innovation Enterprise reports this week. Thanks to a steady increase of consumer-friendly apps and the proliferation of mobile devices across the globe, the hyperscale sector of the industry is set to soar for years to come, so says a new report from Cisco. With traffic projected to top 20 zettabytes per year within two years, cloud traffic will make up 95 percent of all data center traffic soon. Another stunning takeaway from the piece: 57 percent of the world is now connected to the Internet, a staggering number when you consider the number of developing nations that are just beginning to adopt mobile technology. As time goes on, PaaS, IaaS and SaaS will continue to help ease this transition. Read the piece here.


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