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Build up, not out. That’s the mantra for multi-story data centers. Also, we take a look at how poor data center configuration can lead to disaster, three tips for optimizing cooling and a few more trends to watch for in 2019.

Data Center News Roundup for Friday, Jan. 11, 2019

Build Up, Not Out.

It’s clear that most data centers around the world are single-story structures. But, as Data Center Dynamics recently reported, that’s changing. In cities such as London, Singapore, Hong Kong and others, space is extremely limited, so the only option is to build up with multi-story data centers. But with a vertical multi-story data center, there come particular challenges, such as how to bring all that equipment into a high rise building. Still, it’s a growing trend, and it’s even taking hold in the former farm country of northern Virginia. Read the full piece here.

Keep it Cool

Writing for GCN, Rahi Systems VP Marcus Doran lays out three tips for optimizing data center cooling. His advice? Get rid of hotspots via in-row cooling; take advantage of evaporation especially as more data centers adopt liquid cooling techniques; and finally, measure and manage your data center with DCIM tools. Get his full take and specific recommendations here.

Eliminating Server Waste

In Network World, Andy Patrizio outlines solutions to the problem of server waste. With many data centers still running older gen servers, there’s the compound problem of wasted electricity and harm to the environment, he says. As data centers strive for lower PUE scores, there are some extraordinarily simple tips to keep the waste at a minimum, such as relying more on ambient temperature to cool equipment (though your mileage may vary depending on which part of the world you’re in). Patrizio also goes into the environmental impact of old servers, offering ways to cut down on waste without breaking the bank. Read it here.

More 2019 Predictions

As we finish up the first business week of 2019, the prognosticators aren’t quite done yet with their data center industry predictions. Over at Data Center Knowledge, they’re calling for increased security monitoring and analytics, especially as it’s become clear cyber criminals aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They’re also predicting an increase in predictive machine learning, a reduction in the need for engineers, more automation and a decreased dependence on VPN tunnels. See more of the predictions.

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