Data Center Power

Look out at your data center for a second. As you do, take the high level view. Looks pretty solid, right? Then, take in every little detail and really think about each component part – data center power, lighting, cooling, the servers, everything in sight. Everything probably looks fairly well in order. You work hard every day to ensure that it is.

Now, take a look at your power bills.

Aha! Those pesky bills could be lower, right? More times than not, when we’re called in to work with data center operators, one of the top complaints is that power is a constant battle and it’s not always easy to identify where things are going off the rails. In some cases, containment is the solution. Keeping the hot aisles hot and the cold aisles cold and ensuring that you’re not hemorrhaging power at every step of the way can be an excellent way to shore things up.

In other cases, the problem may actually lie with your inability to see your data center’s power draw in granular detail. Without a 360-degree view, it’s difficult to pinpoint leaks. So, if you’ve had power monitoring and metering on your radar for a while, here’s a quick guide to how we can help.

UPS: Uninterruptible Power Supplies come in several varieties, from the rack-mounted versions to the complex multi-module system.

PDUS: If power is the backbone of your data center, then the Power Distribution Units are the backbone of the backbone. They serve as a critical link between your UPS infrastructure and your floor power distribution. Select PDUs based on input and output voltage as well as ancillary equipment (floor stands, seismic bracing and load management software).

RPP: Remote Power Panels are configurable in multiple cabinet sizes to fit your data center’s needs. Pick RPPs with small footprints for tighter spaces or wall-mounted and end-of-row solutions. Calculate your RPP needs here.

Busway: Whether you distribute power via overhead busway or underfloor, we work with vendors from Starline and E&I to design, install and maintain your busways and ensure proper airflow.

Branch Circuit Cables / Power Whips: Don’t forget the cables! When you need a reliable branch circuit cable configuration, we can help design and install them for increased efficiency.

Rack PDU’s (rPDUs): Here’s where you gain the most control over your data center power. With basic, metered and controlled PDUs, you’ll be able to monitor environmental conditions and take control of individual outlets.

Intelligent PDU’s (iPDUs)/ Intelligent Power Strips: Take it up a notch with Intelligent PDUs for real-time remote power and environmental monitoring, reducing your risk of unplanned downtime.

Instor is vendor-agnostic, meaning we work with a variety of manufacturers to fit your needs. Some of the partners we work with to ensure your goals – including budget – are met include:

  • APC
  • Starline
  • Anord Mardix
  • Raritan
  • Server Technology
  • Vertiv

When you’re ready to take the next step on power, contact Instor or learn more about our power solutions here.