data center trends 2019

Data center trends come and data center trends go. But some things remain constant: the need to keep uptime a priority, the desire to cut costs without sacrificing quality and the need for satisfied customers. 

With that in mind, here are a few of the trends popping up on our radar lately: 

  • Software defined data centers: No longer satisfied with storing data, DC managers have been pushing over the past few years for more of a software defined data center virtualized approach. According to VXchange, this trend involves virtualizing compute power and bundling it for sale to customers who can manage their services on the same server. 
  • A proactive approach to security concerns: Maybe there’s just been one too many ransomware attacks over the past few years. Either way, data center operators are wising up and beefing up both their physical and cyber security efforts. Even as many operators move to colocations, security remains a top priority. By anticipating security breaches, you’re helping to prevent a major disaster from striking your company. 
  • Edge computing: This one makes a lot of sense for companies that share data with customers located in a certain geographic region. This concept allows companies to store data locally, decreasing latency. Major players like AWS, Google and Azure are already implementing edge computing and this trend will only grow with time. 
  • AI: While the robots may not be coming for us all yet, Artificial Intelligence is improving with each passing day. AI has practical applications already in the data center trends, including the ability to make predictive analyses and detect failures before they happen. This will be a major shift in the way DC managers operate by reducing costs and increasing efficiency. 
  • 5G: It seems this is all some folks can talk about, and for good reason. The rollout of 5G technology will disrupt some industries, but those that stay ahead of the curve will benefit most. Firstly, 5G will increase mobile data by magnitudes. This will be a boon for data centers as hyperscale players like Google start rolling out next-gen equipment to meet these demands. 

Whatever the rest of 2019 and 2020 bring, there’s sure to be some surprises in the mix. Stay tuned for the latest data center trends and news here.