Take a peek inside one of the technology world’s greatest wonders: the 13.7 petaflop MareNostrum supercomputer located inside a decommissioned church in Barcelona, Spain.

Image by Lisa Hensley

13.7 Petaflop Machine Resides in Former Spanish Church

The world is home to some pretty unusual data center locations – one is located under the Swiss Alps, while another was submerged 30 feet off the California coast for a time. But the Supercomputer inside a decommissioned Spanish church might just take the cake.

Meet the MareNostrum, a 13.7 Intel Xeon Platinum Petaflop supercomputer, which resides inside the former Torre Girona church in Barcelona. For the past 13 years, the MareNostrum has been used to perform calculations for projects such as human genome mapping, weather forecasting and astrophysics. The glass-enclosed supercomputer contrasts the 19th Century Spanish architecture of the church, making for a seriously striking visual.

Recently, Instor Marketing Director Lisa Hensley visited the MareNostrum and brought back these images of what might be best termed as “Beauty and the Beast.”

The supercomputer was also recently featured in Dan Brown’s 2017 novel, “Origin.”

According to Atlas Obscura, Torre Girona rests on the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and was in use for Catholic services until 1960 before being deconsecrated. Once the most powerful super computer in existence, MareNostrum is now the 13th most powerful in the world. Still pretty impressive!