zombie servers


As September comes to a close, we peer around the corner to the spookiest of months, October, which brings us cooler weather, full moons, ghosts, witches and, of course, zombies. Normally, when you think of zombies, you imagine the flesh- and brain-seeking undead with arms outstretched and slowly shuffling toward their next meal. But in some cases, the zombies may be lurking extremely close to you without even knowing it. 

We’re talking about zombie servers. 

That’s right, the dormant servers in your data center that sit there and consume power without running any compute load are, in fact, known as zombie servers, and — even if they don’t eat your brains — they will suck the ever-loving life out of your facility without you even noticing it. Little by little, these servers without purpose serve to deplete your data center’s resources slowly over time, which can add up to big costs in the long run. 

According to Tuangru.com, there are now more than 10 million worldwide zombie servers, generating enough energy to power eight major power plants. The report further states that as many as 30 percent of all servers are “comatose.” Without question, that’s a lot of wasted power and money. It also means that there are likely zombie servers lurking in the corners of your own data center. 

The ultimate zombie killer? You guessed it. Monitoring.

Data Center Infrastructure Management, or DCIM as most people call it, allows you to monitor a variety of elements within your data center – from power and cooling to branch circuits and rack power strips and more. 

Let’s take a look at some benefits of DCIM: 

  • Track energy usage at the individual circuit or outlet level. 
  • Phase balance your loads to avoid stranding power. 
  • Temperature and environmental monitoring, including humidity. 
  • Get key alerts for temperature issues. 
  • Streamline incident management and log problems for post-mortems. 

Instor’s team of data center infrastructure experts are skilled in data center monitoring design and installation. By understanding the complex challenges presented in the data center every day — and that includes those zombie servers! — we can help bring efficiency, reduced downtime and scalability to your data center. 

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