Ever wished you could snap your fingers and, voila, new data center? Well, it’s not quite that easy in real life, but in the spirit of Instor’s commitment to rapid deployments, here’s a 30-second time-lapse video of a data center fit up to help you get through your week.

fit up

Giving a Whole New Meaning to the Term ‘Rapid Deployment’

There’s no question a lot of time and energy goes into a data center fit up or build-out, whether in a legacy facility or a colocation data center. From customized power configurations to cooling, containment and other IT infrastructure needs, there are many components to such an undertaking.

And, while we offer rapid deployment solutions and lightning-fast build-outs, we’ve never been able (or willing) to complete an entire build in just 30 seconds. Until now, that is. Thanks to the magic of time-lapse photography, you can watch the Instor team build out a portion of a facility from whitespace to cabling and aisle configuration in just a little over a minute.

Check it out here:

Next time you’re in the market for a new data center, keep Instor in mind. With decades of experience in IT infrastructure, our team of experts provide you with builds that are scalable for your future growth. Our services also include: