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Data Center Racks You Need & The Brands You Trust

From racks to enclosures and earthquake-proofing products, Instor partners with the top names in the data center industry to provide world-class products for your next build-out, upgrade or colocation move. Our trusted vendor partners include APC, Chatsworth, Worksafe, Legrand, SWDP, Iso-Base, Minkels and others. Explore our solutions below.

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Some of Our Partners and Manufacturers


When purchasing racks for your data center or colocation, you’ll need to understand several factors, including the maximum size rack that will fit in the room as well as the maximum size rack that can be transported into the room. Related factors include ceiling height, conveyance infrastructure clearance, fire protection, lighting, loading dock size, elevator size along with doorway widths and heights.

From there, it’s down to choices of color and size (48U x 24” x 48” for server racks and 48U x 30” x 48” for network racks, for example). You’ll also want to consider static and dynamic load ratings and whether you need two-post or four-post racks before finalizing your choice.

Are you looking for a specific data center rack or cabinet or do you need a custom data center rack or cabinet? We’ve got you covered!

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Rack Accessories

No rack is complete without accessories such as monitors, panels, keyboard drawers, shelves, raised floor grommets, cooling and, of course, power. By working with trusted vendors, Instor ensures your racks are fully outfitted with top-of-the-line accessories every time.

Seismic Bracing

While the western United States is well within the “Ring of Fire,” a seismically volatile area of the Pacific Rim, nowhere in the country is completely immune to the potential of earthquakes. It’s smart to protect the valuable IT equipment in your data center from the damage caused by the earth shaking.

Instor is a leading provider of earthquake risk mitigation solutions for data centers across the globe. Seismic bracing platforms from ISO-Base ensure safety of workers while protecting the contents of your data center and preventing unwanted downtime in the event of a natural disaster. Designed to move eight inches in each direction, ISO-Base Seismic Isolation Platform Technology allows your equipment to return to its natural position after an earthquake.

Explore our seismic bracing solutions and take a free earthquake risk analysis here.

Cabinet Lighting

Lighting can be considered the unsung hero of data center efficiency because it’s incredibly easy to fix, but often overlooked. Instor offers custom lighting systems for data center cabinets, giving back-to-front coverage via power-efficient LED technology. The result? A safer, more efficient data center.

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