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Is your data center keeping up with your growth?

We can take you from white space to equipment ready, and save you up to 30% in overall project costs in the process. Experience the peace of mind that comes from letting data center infrastructure experts handle each element of your data center build-out or migration.

Pick and choose from our wide spectrum of data center planning and installation services, or have us design and build your white space build-out.


Data center design that taps into the power of cutting-edge Computer Aided Design and drafting. This ensures your exact data center specifications are met the first time, every time.

Attention to detail during the electrical design phase means your power will reach your data center’s server racks efficiently, reliably and safely. Instor offers full-suite electrical design and installation services, including Electrical Fitouts (EFOs).

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Instor’s custom lighting systems for cabinets give you complete lighting coverage from back to front with power-efficient LED technology for a safer data center.

Protect your valuable IT equipment during earthquakes with our Cabinet Earthquake Mitigation Solutions. Instor provides ISO-Base™ platforms by Worksafe Technologies for maximum protection.

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Structured cabling is the foundation of a safer, more efficient data center. Instor’s solutions include ladder rack, basket tray and fiber troughs; copper and fiber jumper cables; copper and fiber trunks and POP/MMR build-outs.

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Instor provides data center power supply design and installation solutions for large and small facilities, including standalone and scalable three-phase redundant power as well as overhead busways and RPPs. Instor also provides under-desk and rack-mount UPS systems for special applications.

Not all power needs are the same. From basic Power Distribution Units to metered and switched (including PDUs with network connectivity and per-outlet sensing).

Whether you’re installing standard or custom cabinets in your data center, Instor has decades of experience in meeting your needs. From two-post to four-post racks, we also install cabinets with integrated cooling, chimney cabinets and more.

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Keep the hot aisle hot and the cold aisle cold with innovative solutions such as sliding/swing doors, solid containment panel solutions, vinyl curtains, blanking panels and floor/cabinet grommets.

Keep a close eye on your data center’s power levels and other mission-critical data with DCIM software, power monitoring and management tools, console servers/KVM management appliances and environmental monitoring solutions to help keep temperature and humidity in check.

It’s vital to keep cool in the data center. With perimeter CRAC/CRAH units, in-row and special high-density cooling systems, Instor will handle everything from design to installation.

Avoid a tangled mess of cables in your data center with Instor’s cable management systems (both vertical and horizontal), power cords that come in standard, colored and locking as well as complete data center security design installation.


Instor’s project management team prides itself in its transparency. From design to complete data center buildout, our team maintains open communication along with a sense of urgency.


We’re your single point of contact on your next data center build out. We plan each detail precisely from design to physical/electrical build to structured cabling design/build and full data center moves.

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Whether for your standard data center or colocation, Instor’s team is always ready to serve your needs around the clock so you can get back to business with minimal disruption.

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Considering a move? Instor’s team can assess your current data center’s equipment and accurately estimate the costs by providing a timeline, list of goals, site inspection and application testing and benchmarking.

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Instor’s technicians will ensure your data center’s racks and properly mounted and installed with clean, efficient power.

Instor offers quick turnaround on proposals for data center system installation and provides a turn-key data center installation system. Instor staff brings years of experience in critical equipment installations.

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Post Build Support

Who is cleaning your data center when it’s time for a move? Instor’s team can help with complete data center cleaning services.

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Reducing or merging data center facilities? Instor creates cohesive consolidation solutions to meet your specific needs.

Instor’s technicians make sure your data center’s IT equipment is properly and securely decommissioned. We also remove outdated and ancillary equipment, de-install racks and more. Instor will also assist in recovering the highest asset value of your retired IT equipment.

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Get a complete assessment of your data center’s IT equipment as well as any DCIM software, remote power monitoring and management tools before and after a build.

How efficient is your data center? Are you wasting power through zombie servers or other commonly-overlooked issues? Instor’s team will help unearth any problems keeping you from operating at maximum efficiency.

Instor’s customer-centric maintenance agreements ensure your data center is running at optimal efficiency at all times.

It’s not too late to protect your data center’s critical IT equipment from earthquakes and seismic activity. With cabinet solutions such as ISO-Base™ technology, we’ll help you protect your most valuable assets.

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The older your data center’s IT equipment gets, the more likely it is to malfunction. A periodic tech refresh from Instor helps you identify components that need replacing so you can maintain maximum uptime.

Moving to the cloud? Instor’s virtualization services help make your transition a smooth one. Our team understands the potential pitfalls in such a crucial move and helps prevent unplanned downtime.

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