Data Center Upgrade

70s Era Data Center Containment Updated With Modern Equipment


A Power Company desperately needed to update their 1970s data center containment and power and cooling were at the top of the client’s must-do list. Feeling the slow pull of the tides of time, this client decided it was time for a massive upgrade, which would include new CRAC units, water chillers and newer, smarter power distribution units. Contacting Instor, the power company decided to see what the team could do to improve the situation.


Surveying the aging facility, the Instor team was confident this project could be undertaken in a reasonable time and within the client’s budget. Instor tackled the cold aisle containment pod for a quick win, then added new PDUs for further long-term savings along with the ability to monitor and manage the facility remotely. Going into the project, the client was looking to improve cooling and power efficiency. If successful, this outdated data center would serve as proof of concept for the company’s next data center, which was already in the planning stages. The key to the experiment was getting the cold aisle containment right and in a measurable way. If the client could monitor and record the data center’s environment, it could effectively compare the before and after on the project and plan accordingly for its next build.

In the end, the data center containment update achieved power and cooling efficiency that was so cost-effective that it expanded the project across its various facilities.