Case Study

Cabinets Survive Massive Alaskan Earthquake with ISO-Base


An Alaskan earthquake measuring 7.0 struck Alaska USA Federal Credit Union Data Center just north of Anchorage, the largest city in that state. The quake injured a few people, but thankfully no one was killed or seriously wounded. Inside the data center at the nearby Alaska USA Federal Credit Union headquarters, things were rocking and rolling as the earthquake did its best to damage the facility’s valuable IT equipment.


The facility had installed Iso-Base platforms on all of their cabinets. Thus, all critical systems remained operational and no one was hurt.

Working from the company’s Arizona location, their team was alerted to the quake within seconds. It was immediately apparent that all critical process running from this facility had stayed online without missing a beat. In the aftermath, it was clear the ISO-Base technology had passed the test with flying colors. Jim Prolsdorfer, the Data Center Operations Officer said, “I was very confident in ISO-Base. I was more worried about the building and my coworkers than the equipment going offline. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and our equipment and critical processes stayed completely intact and online during and after the quake.” Ultimately, Prolsdorfer said ISO-Base was the perfect choice for a data center situated in an active seismic area. “It gives us confidence and peace of mind that the equipment will come through. Even if the building had been lost, the equipment would be intact and ready to use again.” Be ready to protect your equipment before the next big one hits!