A national health care system realized one of its three data centers was at risk of running out of power. In addition, an organization-wide commitment to green practices meant that the data center needed to drastically reduce its monthly energy consumption, qualify for an energy savings rebate, and save thousands in monthly energy costs.

We developed and installed a custom cold aisle containment system to reduce the data center’s PUE and carbon footprint. Because many rows were offset and not all the equipment was flush, we custom engineered 80-inch steel gap panels to adjust for row discrepancies and developed 22 cold aisle containment pods with solid polycarbonate sliding doors at the front of each. Our cold aisle containment solutions helped the company achieve award-winning results. Between its three locations, the company slashed 7.2 million kilowatt-hours of power from overall data center operations and it saved more than $770,000 on its power budgets – earning it the top spot on Computerworld’s list of Top Green IT Organizations in 2011.