Despite its six running CRAC units, Williams-Sonoma’s 20,000 sq. ft. data center was not meeting cooling requirements. Unless the company found a way to improve cooling efficiency, they would have to install yet another 30-ton unit to sufficiently cool their data center.

We began by containing 12 pods with SealTech’s clear Seiden Crystal, class A1 fire-rated curtains and a custom-engineered, retractable ceiling. To better manage airflow, we engineered custom rear cabinet doors with a cooling vent fin designed to push exhaust heat up, allowing it to return to the CRAC unit faster.

We also installed a facility management system from Geist to control and monitor all CRAC units remotely, in real time. With the RLE monitoring, Williams-Sonoma was able to consistently monitor and adjust data center conditions.

Williams-Sonoma achieved ROI in less than six months. They received $25,000 in PG&E rebates and continue to save $12,000 per month on power at 10 cents/kilowatt.