Case Study

Data Center Cooling Dilemma: Buy New or Improve What You’ve Got?


Williams-Sonoma, a large retailer needed data center cooling efficiency, but hoped to avoid purchasing a new CRAC unit. Faced with the dilemma of efficiently cooling 20,000 sq. ft, they contacted Instor.


After a thorough inspection of the data center to identify areas where cooling could be improved without a massive expense, our team quickly drew up a plan to improve efficiency by developing a customized cold aisle containment and airflow efficiency solution. Instor redesigned the facility’s containment, and added power monitoring and management.  This increased efficiency allowed the client to save tens of thousands in power, and hit their ROI within 6 months.

By taking a vendor-agnostic approach to products, Instor has partnered with some of the top names in the data center space to deliver the right solution for your data center’s next project. Our team can help you improve cooling efficiency through containment, boost the performance of your IT equipment and reduce your overall costs. After a quick assessment of your facility and a conversation about your needs and challenges, we’ll present a variety of options to help you reach your data center efficiency goals. Best of all, we’ll build it out for you so you can get back to doing what you do best.