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Big Energy Savings for Hollywood HVAC 


A major Hollywood studio was looking for energy savings and their data center was running at 2.0 PUE (Power usage effectiveness). Today, the movie business requires data – and lots of it – to store the endless terabytes of its creative and intellectual property. The 5,000 square-foot facility was pushing a PUE of more than 2.0 and the studio’s Chief Information Officer rightfully suspected the inefficient cooling system as the culprit in this real-life mystery. Wanting to revamp its HVAC system for energy savings while maintaining 100 percent uptime 24/7, the client reached out to Instor to help deliver blockbuster results.


Often, it takes a fresh set of eyes to identify the heart of the matter. That’s exactly what the Instor team did when it suggested the client turn to an active heat containment chimney system. Instor delivered an unconventional solution via heat chimneys, realizing a new PUE of 1.7 and 950,000 KWH in energy savings per year.

Agreeing on Instor’s approach, the client gave the green light to go with Geist’s Opengate heat-capturing chimneys which were custom sized to the kW load of each cabinet or row of cabinets. With the heat contained, the system expels it into the overhead drop ceiling plenum, which is connected back to the perimeter CRAC units through pre-existing sheet metal collars. Temperature and pressure sensors intelligently control fan speeds and exhaust hot air through the chimneys at an optimal, efficient rate.

With the Instor team at your side, you can realize savings the way our Hollywood client did. Whether it’s coming up with an innovative energy savings solution or simply helping you find the best deal on your next buildout, fitup or containment project, we’re here to help you achieve your business goals. Give us a call or visit us online today to learn more.