Saving Power

Going Green: Saving Power for Healthcare Provider – Nearly $1 Million Saved


Saving power was a priority for a healthcare client who was running out of power and rates that were off the charts.  They also needed to conform to greener standards so the national health-care company took a good, hard look at its three data centers. After some number crunching and internal debating, the company came to the conclusion that its facilities could not sustain the company’s current pace of growth for very long. It was a challenge the Instor team was up for.


The first step in saving power was to bring together its IT and facilities teams to devise a plan to rein in the energy consumption at all three of its data centers. Realizing the importance of reducing the PUE at its northern California facility, the client got in touch the containment pros at Instor to help it reduce power consumption and eventually qualify for an energy savings rebate.

the Instor team quickly realized not all the equipment was flush, with several rows being offset, contributing to the power issues. The Instor team custom engineered several 80-inch steel gap panels to accommodate the discrepancies in the rows. Then, Instor developed nearly two dozen cold aisle containment pods featuring solid polycarbonate sliding doors on the front of each pod.

The company saved so much it won the award for Computer World’s Top Green IT Organizations. Not only that, but within a year, the client had turned around its power problems to the point that it slashed a staggering 7.2 million kilowatt-hours of power from overall data center operations across its three locations. The best part? The company saved nearly $800,000 on its power budget

Instor helped design cold aisle containment that worked around several existing challenges, and reduced overall PUE, $800,000 in power savings, and won energy efficiency awards.