Case Study

Custom Structured Cabling Solutions


A large European tech company has complex custom structured cabling requirements to build a United States-based data center in Texas. Due to exponential growth, the client had aggressive rapid deployment demands that couldn’t be met with their preferred European manufacturer. Client density requirements were such that no substitute design was acceptable. Additionally, the client’s cabling systems demanded specific routing and redundancy that had to be meticulously engineered in a very short span.


The client had hard specs for a specific type of European connectivity in their facility, but since these were unavailable, Instor worked closely with the client to pivot in a different direction. Together, they explored numerous options and managed to effectively cut the lead time by over 60 percent. That meant only three weeks! Instor’s team worked tirelessly to obtain fiber panels that were identical in both density and layout to the client’s existing Huber+Suhner panels. Instor’s collaboration with Legrand provided us insight into new ultra HD panels that suited the requirements perfectly. By customizing the project plans and developing solutions that exceeded the client’s expectations, we reduced lead time and overall project costs.

“Instor immediately took steps to re-engineer and restructure, all while keeping the project’s timeline on track.”