Earthquake Protection for Data Center at LLNL


Earthquake protection is a high priority at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. It is one of three federally funded research and development centers operated by the U.S. Department of Energy and is located in Livermore, California. Livermore is about 40 miles east of the heart of San Francisco. Its primary duty is ensuring the safety, security [...]

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Three Easy Solutions for Cable Management 


Cables. There are so many of them in a data center that if you stretched them out, end to end, well, you’d have a lot of cables to clean up. (Seriously, don’t do that. You’ll end up looking silly.) Still, the amount of cables in any given facility is no laughing matter and it’s important [...]

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Easy Data Center Decommissions 


  The end of the road. It’s something that happens to all data centers, whether it’s your own facility or a colocation space you’re sharing. The keys to a successful data center decommissioning come down to this: properly strategizing and executing in a way that doesn’t disrupt your business.  Why Decomm?  There are quite a [...]

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The Real Cost of Unplanned Downtime in 2019 


Unplanned downtime. The phrase alone is enough to send shivers down the spine of the most experienced data center operator. You also don’t have to look far to see high profile examples of companies that have felt the sharp pains of downtime incidents recently - from Delta Airlines to Wells Fargo.  Statistics often point [...]

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Is Your Data Center Equipped for an Earthquake?


Today, at 10:33 AM  at Magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck in California, 11 miles from Ridgecrest, CA - Outside of Los Angeles. And just like today, in a massive 7.0 Alaskan earthquake struck Anchorage, Alaska in Nov 2018, and thankfully ISO-Base technology saved the day for one data center. Here’s their story. Early in [...]

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Finding Your Next Project Manager


  Data Center Project Management 101 It takes a special personality type to be a successful project manager. Maybe you’ve known a few in your time. Maybe you are one. These spreadsheet-loving, Gantt chart-building masters of organization know how to get things done and they’re often the unsung heroes of the corporate world. So, imagine [...]

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Scalable Cooling Solutions


Data Center Cooling Options If you could design the perfect data center, what would be at the top of your list? A Hawaiian location? An endless budget? Perfect employees who never make mistakes? OK, we can all dream. But when it comes to the reality of data centers, efficiency tops many realistic lists. And make [...]

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New Tax Incentives Set to Drive Data Center Growth in Chicago


Already Third in Nation for Capacity, Chicago Poised to Grow Despite being third in the nation for data center capacity, Chicago has always had something of a problem realizing its full potential as a data center powerhouse. That is until now. Historically suffering from unfavorable tax laws, the Midwestern city has nonetheless kept pace with [...]

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It’s Never Too Late for an IT Closet Refresh


Think for a second. What’s the most outdated element in your data center? The servers? The CRAC unit? That senior IT guy who has worked for you for what seems like forever? Wait, don’t answer that last one. For one recent client, it was the need to update some seriously old Krone cables in their [...]

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We’ve Got the Power! (Data Center Power, That is)


Look out at your data center for a second. As you do, take the high level view. Looks pretty solid, right? Then, take in every little detail and really think about each component part - data center power, lighting, cooling, the servers, everything in sight. Everything probably looks fairly well in order. You work hard [...]

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