Data Center



With the cloud one of the most important things to remember is it’s all located in physical data centers.


Data Center

So many companies are moving from on-premise and colocation data centers to the cloud. Some, are returning after discovering that the grass isn’t so green.

Regardless of the strategy that will work best for your company it’s important to know, even the cloud runs in data centers.

With Instor’s long background in physical data centers, we’ll be able to provide you with cloud strategies that will optimize your growth and cost efficiencies.

We understand how the cloud works at the foundational levels, and the ways in which the data moves. We get the market’s dynamics.

These uniquely formed insights allow us to offer you a customized and knowledgeable approach in assessing your true opportunities in the cloud.

Since we provide a broad array of services and products in data center, hybrid, and cloud, our advice isn’t filtered through business prejudices and limitations as is the case with so many others.

We cut through the hype and focus on the business case with your critical decisions.

What are the best options for you? You can always trust our experienced team to provide you with the right answers to your most important questions.

Cloud Data Center

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  • Experienced from Physical to Cloud
  • Executive Level Assessments
  • Proprietary Cloud Optimization Tools
  • Provider of Actionable Intelligence
  • Offering On-Prem, Colocation, and Cloud Solutions