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Design strategies for Cloud and Hybrid deployment throughout your enterprise


Cloud Optimizer

For many companies, just getting on the Cloud is a major undertaking. Yet, now is the time for most firms to focus on optimizing their Cloud operations. We can help with our Cloud Optimizer platform. It’s a powerful tool to allow you to identify, understand and control your costs. We do this while also reducing your risk in a simple and easy way, all through a single pane of glass. With Instor’s Cloud Optimizer, making sure you’re keeping costs low and productivity at high levels has never been easier.


Cloud Kinetix

Are you considering moving some or all of your data to the Cloud? Or are you looking at a Hybrid approach to managing your operations? If so, don’t try it without engaging the power and ease of Cloud Kinetix. Our innovative software solution, powered by Rackware, will give you virtual levers to easily migrate and manage your data. All with the highest levels of safety and security. Cloud Kinetix brings enterprise-wide data control to your fingertips. 

Cloud & Hybrid

Professional Services

The decision to move your data to the Cloud or to use a Hybrid approach requires sophisticated analysis and professional input. With our extensive experience with data migration strategies we’re here to make these decisions much easier. Even more important, we can assist you in all levels of deployment, from design to implementation.



Are the costs of operating your Cloud data infrastructure spinning out of control? Or, do you really know? We offer analytic tools to allow you to identify your areas of inefficiencies and can make recommendations on how to optimize your processes. If your organization is like most today, just keeping up with exponential data requirement growth is difficult enough to keep up with. Let us help you analyze your processes to ensure you’re growing with efficiency. 



Where exactly does your Cloud infrastructure lie? How can you rapidly make adjustments and changes in your system? These are impossible questions for many organizations. Yet, with Instor’s suite of analysis and management tools you can achieve dashboard control of your data at the highest levels. Whether you’re operating in a pure Cloud environment or in a Hybrid set-up, we can help you.



Most organizations are having to make the difficult decision between rapid growth or cost efficiency. It seems the two corporate objectives are unable to work cooperatively with one another. With Instor’s expertise and analysis toolset to offer you, this is no longer the case. We can identify unused instances, redundancies and help you discover cost savings throughout your Cloud and Hybrid data infrastructure. 



For many information technology executives who moved their companies to the Cloud, concerns about security is what keeps them awake at night. And, for good reason. Networks and data centers are under malicious attack like never before. Fortunately, there are best practices and sophisticated tools to keep your Cloud data center strategies highly secure. Tap into Instor’s expertise and product offerings to assist your company in keeping your data secure.


Disaster Recovery

It’s the greatest fear. That call at 2 a.m. letting you know that all systems are down and loss of data is feared. With the constant movement of terabytes of sensitive data through your networks, system failure is almost inevitable. What’s essential in today’s environment are Cloud systems for data recovery that can get you back into full operation with minimal impact to your firm’s customer service levels and bottom line. 



Long before the global pandemic changed the workspace forever, organizations were already rapidly shifting to remote environments. Now with the disruption of “how things were done” there will be no looking back. Is your organization fully optimized for remote work throughout your enterprise? Are your systems as synced, fluid, secure and productive as ever? If not, you’re not alone. We can help get you there.



How do you move massive amount of data and upgrade applications while avoiding interruption of services to your customers who demand near performance perfection? Very carefully. In many ways, Cloud migration can require a much more sophisticated approach than that required in traditional physical migration of data centers. We are long-time experts at migration of data center infrastructure. We can provide you with Cloud to Cloud migration capability with many of the top providers including AWS, Google Computer, Azure and OracleCloud. Lean on us to keep all systems go, while you’re on the go.


Cloud, On-Prem & Co-Lo

Are you looking to move from a physical data infrastructure environment to the Cloud? Or would operating in a Hybrid mode make more sense? We’ll assist you in getting to the right answers and can work with you from drawing to deployment. Our extensive experience with physical data center design and migration will provide you with a distinct advantage with all of your combinations of Cloud, On-Prem & Colocation strategies. 

Cloud Data Center

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With the explosion of new challenges and exciting new technology on a daily basis it doesn’t take long for once great strategies and design to grow cumbersome and inefficient. Our team of experts have the answers to your biggest questions and can provide an extensive analysis of your data infrastructure. It’s efficiently provided and at no cost to you.