Data Center Cleaning Services

Prevent dust and contaminants from impacting the reliability and longevity of your facility.
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Improve Reliability        •        Increase Longevity        •       Avoid Downtime

Improve Reliability    Increase Longevity    Avoid Downtime

 Best Practices for Data Center Cleaning

 We understand that a data center can look clean to the naked eye but can actually be filled with harming micro-contaminants like belt debris, zinc whiskers and ferrous metals.

These micro-threats are often overlooked, and their power underestimated. Without a proper cleaning and maintenance plan, the results could lead to a financially devastating unplanned downtime.

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Don’t put your company at a risk for unplanned downtime, especially when it’s preventable.

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2.   Together, we will discuss your risk level and develop a cleaning plan that works with your schedule and budget.
3.   We’ll clean your data center so you won’t lose anymore sleep worrying about unplanned downtime from these micro-threats.

Services Include

  • Subfloor cleaning: Construction debris is meticulously removed by hand
  • Subfloor vacuuming: Triple-filtered HEPA/ULPA vacuums do the heavy lifting
  • Ceiling plenum cleaning: Preventing contaminants from entering cooling system
  • Overhead ceiling cleaning: Surfaces are vacuumed and wiped down carefully
  • Equipment cleaning: Decontamination to remove construction residue and contaminants
  • Floor surface cleaning: Removes micro-particles from floor and in crevices around equipment
  • Full environmental audit: Reports on particle counts after a post-construction cleaning

Routine Cleaning Schedule

To ensure IT equipment and Data Center’s health and maintain uptime with an in-house routine cleaning schedule.

A little preventative maintenance goes a long way in a data center. Regular top-to-bottom cleaning will ensure your IT equipment remains reliable, helping you to avoid costly downtime and damage.

Instor’s data center cleaning services along with a routine cleaning schedule ensure dangerous elements are eliminated, preventing damage and corrosion to your valuable IT equipment.

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