Data Center Consultants with Full-Service Solutions

Your growing business deserves the Instor team of data center consultants.

Instor takes the stress out of white space data center fit-ups, migrations, and build-outs. With a professional expertise that comes from more than 30 years’ experience, our staff tremendously improves your company’s data center projects’ success with meticulous planning and execution, minimizing disruptions to your everyday operations.

Our diverse portfolio of clients demand a single, consistent requirement: The data center consultants they employ must provide a solution that meets industry-best standards and enables their business to grow.

Instor meets, then exceeds our clients’ need for excellence. We’re experts in all the core capabilities you expect from data center consultants who have major universities, motion picture studios, and leading technology companies as clients.

  • Cooling. Dependable climate control is the foundation of a well-functioning data center. We design AC systems that safeguard your data center from moisture, heat, and dust while circulating and ventilating air.

  • Our experts set up electric networks that provide constant power to your data systems while conserving energy usage.

  • We take business data center protection very seriously and utilize state-of-the-art technology to deal with threats from natural disasters, server failures or breaches, or attempted unlawful entry. Installation of sophisticated notification and entry systems keep your data safe at all times.

  • Floor plans. Data center layouts must adapt as your hardware needs change over time. Instor designs efficient, space-saving floor plans with an eye toward the future.

  • Fire suppression. We install smart systems that respond quickly when fire breaks out, minimizing material loss and disruptions to your operation.

  • We provide expert post-build support that ensures your data center is operating at peak efficiency, 24/7.

Data Center Consultants with Relationships to Complete the Project Seamlessly

Instor delivers on every core capability with an approach that is different than other data center consultants. We can employ an integrated system of construction that eliminates delays, reduces your overall costs and speeds implementation. By dealing directly with suppliers, we’re able to cut expenses for a typical data center fit-up by as much as 30 percent.  However, if you just would like professional guidance and leadership with your own contractors, we can provide you the support you need to start, finish and for continued support.

For start-to-finish service on data center solutions of all types, contact Instor, data center consultants based in Silicon Valley and Europe.

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