Data Center Consulting

Having a competent data center consultant is key to insuring a success data center infrastructure project. Instor’s consulting philosophy is based on expert data center infrastructure knowledge, leveraged in a practical application to the client. Everything Instor does contributes to helping the client deploy their data center in the fastest, most resilient and cost effective manner.

Here are some pointers when looking at Data Center Consultants:

Budget Management

The cost of infrastructure hardware and software is always a vital concern for the customer. Prior to hiring a consultant, you should have some idea of what you can afford and allot a percentage of that to pay for the consultant’s fees. Instor can help set expectations on the project’s budget and offer options to maximize budget dollars.


This should be the most important factor in your choice. Instor is an experienced data center consultancy and knows many helpful strategies to reduce data center build time and costs. It will also be aware of the many pitfalls that can delay your project and lead to schedule lapses, contractor issues, unforeseen expenses, and down time post-build.


Your data center is unique and will not be the same as another company’s data center. Depending on your budget and industry and you will likely want to focus on certain aspects of your facility more than others. An excellent candidate whose expertise overlaps your focus is valuable to ensuring the customers’ needs and limits are met.


Some of the work in your data center will at a minimum require oversight by licensed professionals. Assuring your consultant have all necessary certifications, licenses and insurance can be beneficial both in showing that the consultant has achieved a certain level of expertise and professionalism as judged by an outside party. In the event that an accident or other incident occurs you may be protected from liability ensuring they are properly licensed. Although licenses and certifications are not fool-proof means of judging a professional they do offer you some benefits in your search.


Your consultant, therefore, should be knowledgeable about the local code and permit requirements. However, it is also a customer’s responsibly to have a base knowledge of local code requirements to choose a complete consultant.

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