Data Center Earthquake Risk Mitigations

Instor is a leading provider for data center earthquake risk mitigation solutions.

Servers, storage and network switches in data centers located in key seismic zones in the US and Pacific Rim are subject to earthquakes. Seismic isolation platforms provide safety for workers, protection of equipment and data, by minimizing failure in the event of an earthquake. Iso-Base platforms mount between the equipment cabinets and the computer room floor. The Seismic isolation system allows the building to move while transferring minimal energy to the cabinets. A self-centering dish and barring design allows the Iso-Base platforms to move up to 8” or more in all directions and return to their original location after a seismic event. As earthquake risk mitigation consultants, Instor can help you determine the best way to reduce earthquake risk in your data center.

Isolation is the answer!

Base isolation is the cutting edge solution used by architects and engineers worldwide to protect buildings, bridges, and other structures from the damaging effects of earthquakes.

Seismic base isolation works by de-coupling away strong seismic ground motions and vibrations from a structure, thereby eliminating or dramatically reducing the path through which damaging shock waves and vibrations can travel.
ISO-Base applies these proven engineering principles to seismically protect non-structural building components and equipment with the introduction of ISO-Base Seismic Isolation Platform Technology.

How ISO-Base Technology Works:

At the heart of the system is the patented Ball-N-Cone™ seismic isolation bearing, consisting of two load plates with matching conical recesses sandwiched over a steel ball bearing. This unique design allows the platform to roll smoothly and evenly while accepting input ground accelerations from any direction. Using gravity as a restoring force, the bearing re-centers itself as shaking intensity decreases.

Unique ISO-Base Technology Lightens the Load:

Traditional rigid fastening methods of bolting and anchoring equipment to a raised floor or a concrete subfloor increases the load during seismic activity on the floor anchorage by as much as 2-1/2 times the items weight. Thus a 1,000 pound item could exert up to 2,500 pounds of force on the floor. ISO-Base platforms do just the opposite. During seismic activity, items placed on isolation platforms will actually reduce floor loading by 90%. A 1,000 pound item will weigh 100 pounds while in motion. This could be the critical difference between a successful post earthquake recovery or a major disaster due to a floor collapse.

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