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A professional data center electrical design will protect your business by minimizing the risk of losing uptime.

Running a business in a data centers means that your bottom line depends on maintaining uptime, especially in mission-critical environments. If one component of the electrical system fails and you lose availability. Electrical infrastructure failure can result in a major business interruption and permanent business losses.

To ensure your business’ success, it is imperative to have an electrical system with excellent craftsmanship that is well maintained. It is equally crucial to have a redundancy system in place to ensure uptime in event of a system failure.

Instor’s team of electrical experts and engineers can provide you with the knowledge and ability to customize an electrical solution to your data center or colocation space. Our team provides complete electric services for new data center or colocation build-outs. Our experts can provide scalability options for server room spaces that are running out of capacity. Instor can also provide a complete electrical backbone replacement for legacy data centers.

Our team collaborates with clients to assess the total power capacity that is necessary to accommodate your business needs. We consider your future business plans and recommend a customized power solution for your growth strategy that will meet your IT forecast requirements. Our team can design a solution to meet your project budget in a timely manner.

Instor’s experts install and maintain any type of data center electrical installation:

  • Rack Power Distribution Units — with basic, metered and switched options

  • Power Distribution Cabling

  • Copper and Fiber Structured Cabling

  • Cabinet Grounding

  • Branch Circuit Power Monitoring

  • Electrical Distribution Commissioning

  • Infrared Thermography — to isolate any potential hotspots to improve cooling costs

  • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

In addition to providing a complete data center electrical design solution, Instor also provides site preparation with our Data Center Fit Up services for optimized:

  • Data Center Relocation

  • Conveyance

  • Network / Connectivity Solutions

  • Data Center Cleaning

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