Data Center Project Financing

Make Your Data Center Project a Reality

The FORT Offers Loans to Startup and Established Data Centers for Equipment and Infrastructure Upgrades

Fort Capital Resources, or the FORT offers financial solutions to both startup data centers and previously established data centers. The FORT can loan a company anywhere from $50k to $50MM+. This wide lending range allows many businesses, from developing data centers to Fortune 500 companies, to create a financial partnership with the FORT.

The History and Availability of Fort:

The FORT was established in 2007, and now has over nine years of financial partnerships with many different companies. The FORT has offices in California and North Carolina. The majority of FORT’s client base is located within the United States, but FORT also has capabilities in Europe, and partnerships in over twenty countries.

What FORT Can Offer Your Data Center:

Fort can preapprove up to $500k to a data center in a very quick response time without going through the formal application process. If a company needs to borrow more than that, the response time is usually within a week. This flexibility covers any data center’s needs from unexpected, or emergency expenses to well-planned equipment upgrades. The typical term of a loan is 3-5 years, which works well with refreshing equipment in server rooms as the technologies continue to evolve.

Both the FORT and Instor have expert knowledge on current IT equipment upgrades, energy efficiency solutions, and improving infrastructure.

Instor works in partnership with the FORT to accommodate your personal data center needs.

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