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Data Center Monitoring Design and Installation

Data centers are dynamic, making monitoring the environment, power and cooling capacity planning and asset tracking an important component in each company’s data center monitoring strategy. DCiM is a popular acronym “Data Center Information Management” or “Data Center Infrastructure Management” depending on whom you ask. Monitoring power and cooling systems, using temperature sensors and a DCiM Software platform can be helpful but very tedious to set up and maintain. Instor can help determine the type of DCiM system that fits your company’s resources and data center monitoring requirements, and provide and coordinate the installation and integration.

Key DCiM components to monitor:

Branch Circuits and Rack Power Strips

Tracking energy usage at the circuit or power outlet level gives you the ability make decisions on the load of racks, down to potentially the device with the proper power strips being set up to monitor. This data can help you find zombie servers (ones that are in your data center taking up power, but not running any compute load). Equally important is the ability to phase balance your loads (to keep from stranding power).

Temperature and Environmental Monitoring

Heat is one of the biggest threats in the data center. By being able to see thermal distribution at a glance, or receive warning alerts is key to managing temperature issues. A secondary benefit is auditing co-location companies for their SLA reports.

Alert Monitoring

Monitoring your data center proactively identifies problems before they impact your business. Setting up alerts to send to specific contacts or departments can help with incident management, and streamline responses to the correct contacts. Logging the problems allows for audit and post-incident research.

DCiM can also offer predictive analysis in regards to power and cooling usage and capacity for future planning to avoid running out before you are ready to expand. We can help you understand the value of data center monitoring design and installation, and how to best to leverage DCiM to your benefit.

Instor transforms your available lab or data center space from white space to “Equipment Ready” with best-in-class solutions. We understand the complex challenges presented in the infrastructure of data center build out. Instor is a leader in the industry by providing best-in-class technology solutions to power, cooling, and scalability challenges present in a data center infrastructure build out.

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