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Protecting What Matters Most

Securing your vital IT equipment and the data center that houses it is of primary importance to data center managers. By employing a comprehensive approach of using CCTV, alarms, partitions, cages, locks and other physical security measures, you’re ensuring against theft and even unwanted downtime from careless visitors.

Explore our physical security products for data centers below.

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Security Cages

Whether you’re in a colocation or your own data center, it’s critical to protect and limit access to your IT equipment. Providing both air circulation and physical security, welded steel or perforated sheet metal cages restrict access to unwanted visitors. Instor offers sales, design and installation of cages from Wirecrafters, CalWire, and others, including basic economy installs, finished floor to ceiling cages and slab to slab. Entry options include key locks, electric strike, mag locks, proximity card readers, solid panel inserts and biometric scanning. Cage door options include sliding and hinged, depending on your needs.

Solid Partition

Panels are often used to cover cage walls, particularly within colocation data centers to create a solid partition. Instor ensures your partitions not only provide security but proper airflow to your servers, as well.


Troubleshoot and ensure security of your valuable equipment from a distance with wired and wireless cameras for your data center. CCTV cameras will help you monitor your floors as well as points of entry/exit.

Electronic Locks

Instor’s partners at SouthCo produce locks that protect your data center assets from the perimeter right down to the rack level. With these locks, data center managers can control physical access to individual servers as part of a comprehensive approach to security.


If your data center’s physical security is ever compromised, an alarm could save the day by alerting you to intruders or other unauthorized access. Coupled with CCTV cameras, an alarm system can save you thousands of dollars by protecting your equipment and warding off unwanted visitors. Setting various thresholds for alarm triggers ensures only key stakeholders are alerted at different threat levels.

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