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Data Center Raised Floors & Airflow Tiles

Data centers demand a lot. Cooling, heating, proper airflow, miles of cables … the list goes on. One solution to these problems is a raised floor and associated airflow tiles to ensure proper flow of air throughout the data center.

Instor partners with Tate and Triad to offer raised floor and airflow tile solutions for all sizes of data centers. Explore our options below.

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Raised Floor

Offered by Instor, Tate raised floors are equipped to contain a massive amount of data cables while handling a variety of heat loads and remaining scalable for future growth and technological advancements. Cost-effective, the standard floor offered by Instor is a Tate bolted stringer system with a standard steel panel rated up to 1,250 pounds per square foot and a standard perforated floor tile with a rating of 800 to1250 pounds per square foot. Greater load rated floor tiles are available and recommended for high traffic areas.

Airflow Tiles

With airflow tiles from Tate and Triad, choose from directional and vertical airflow panels to help cool your data center in a cost-effective manner. Depending on your data center’s needs, Instor offers general purpose, high traffic and high traffic/heavy load airflow tiles that can support up to 3,000 pounds. Triad’s tiles come with “dispersed airflow” capabilities, offering up to seven feet of stratification and low Airflow Utilization Efficiency (AUE) scores, saving you a bundle on cooling costs.  It is important to use the correct airflow tile with your IT load, airflow management and building cooling infrastructure. Instor can help you with your decision process.

Instor also offers specific cuts, specialized vented tiles and grommet installs. Contact us for more details.

Some of Our Partners and Manufacturers

Some of Our Partners and Manufacturers

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