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There are several reasons to implement or upgrade structured cabling in your data center or colocation space:

  • Structured Cabling is systematically installed, documented and organized

  • Structured Cabling improves network reliability

  • Modifications to IT equipment are easier to accommodate

  • Structured Cabling can provide redundancy

  • Future Expansion is easier with Structured Cabling

Whatever your data center infrastructure, Instor’s structured cabling services has your project covered from end to end of every cable run.

With over 25 years of experience, we consult our clients and know what questions to ask to best suit their individual needs. Instor’s structured cabling services can help your data center or colocation stay better organized, facilitate equipment additions and modifications, and allow for easier maintenance and cable repairs in the future.

The components of an Instor structured cabling project include:

All network cabling projects are custom designed with CAD Drawings customized to the unique specifications of the data center space.

All structured wiring is supported with structured cabling conveyance either ceiling or floor supported with ladder racks/cable trays and fiber duct.

All cables are systematically labeled on both ends to better accommodate future modifications to the full technology design.

Cables can be color coded accordingly to multiple network switches, connections, and functions to enable better troubleshooting.

All cables will be bundled with Velcro according to their function to better facilitate future modifications to the structured cabling network.

All copper and fiber cables are installed according to their manufacturer specified bend radius and bundled accordingly.

All structured cables will have enough slack to enable future IT equipment modifications.

A set of extra patch cables in varying lengths can be provided for future equipment installation and to repair broken cables for future operations.

All cable runs and detailed rack elevations are completely documented with CAD As-Built drawings showing end to end connectivity to better accommodate future modifications to the data center space.

In addition to providing complete structured cabling services, Instor also provides site preparation with our Data Center Fit Up services for optimized:

  • Power Solutions

  • Cooling Solutions

  • Space Solutions

  • Data Center Relocation

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