Data Center



Our clients include some of the most recognized Fortune 100 companies in the world.


Data Center

With the new computational, voice, connectivity and storage demands brought on by artificial intelligence and a broadly connected world, corporations are struggling to keep up with data infrastructure demands.

This, in addition to new calls for power efficiency, reduction of carbon footprints and enhanced data security requirements makes enterprise data infrastructure planning more complicated than ever.

Fortunately, with Instor, you’ll have a team to provide you with expertise in design and implementation.

Our experience allows us to serve you in your on-premise, hybrid or colocation environments and we offer industry leading solutions to the challenges and opportunities before you.

With Instor’s direction, you will no longer need to manage a plethora of vendor interactions and timelines. We offer a single point of contact for solution engagement.

You’ll enjoy that we are highly process driven. We measure four times and cut once. This meticulous approach is the reason for our success and why we are the trusted source for so many innovative companies like yours.

Enterprise Data Center

The Instor Difference


  • World Class Data Infrastructure Assessment
  • Experts at Systems Efficiency
  • Industry Leaders Since 1988
  • Multi-Geo & Multi-National Project Scope
  • On-Premise, Hybrid or Colocation Environments
  • Offer Best of Breed Solutions
  • Extremely Detail Oriented & Process Lead
  • Provide Unrivaled Actionable Intelligence & Analytics