Delivering a better data center build-out, faster.

The traditional model of building out data centers involves multiple layers of distributors and sub-contractors. Each new layer adds cost and the potential for delay or miscommunication. With our single-point of contact approach and direct relationships with manufacturers, you’ll get clear communication and expedited timelines. We incorporate our combined 125 years of IT expertise to ensure that every component of your data center design and build-out enhances your operation.

Data center infrastructure integrators that deliver. Faster deployments. Better IT insights. Reduced overall costs. Here’s how the Instor design/build model delivers better build-outs:

Traditional Construction Model vs Instor Model

Direct lines of communication and reduction of layers of mark-up improve data center operational efficiency, without adding delays or costs to the project.

Move and deploy your data center faster than you think. Only Instor gives you:

Single Point of Contact
We maintain direct control of all points of the project, so you’ll be updated frequently and accurately throughout the process. Having a single point of contact for the entire build lets you focus on your business, not the minutiae of the build.

Expedited Timelines
We negotiate directly with manufactures for unconventional timelines and have a company culture that is personally committed to meeting aggressive deadlines

Built-In IT Expertise
We understand data center infrastructure and how each component can affect your operations. Our solutions integrate power and cooling capacity planning. With Instor’s data center infrastructure expertise, you will get the right infrastructure options- including power and cooling capacity planning- to make your operation run smoothly and without interruption.

Streamlined Project Management
We’ll manage and coordinate arrival of new materials with our IT certified contractors to ensure smooth project integration, without sacrificing tight schedules.

Highest Quality At Competitive Rates
We’ve eliminated traditional layers of mark-up and use advanced project management to streamline deployments. Get a better data center solution while reducing build cost up to 30%.

Comprehensive Capabilities
A single, trusted source for all your data center needs: design, physical/electrical build, structured cabling design/build, and data center relocation.

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