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Monitoring and Managing

Remotely monitoring and managing your data center gives you a leg up over the competition while increasing your overall efficiency and reducing unplanned downtime. Choosing the right intelligent Rack Power Distribution Units (rPDUs) is only the beginning of building a solid power foundation. You also need to consider the software that will help monitor and remotely manage your rPDUs. Other prime considerations: leak detection, KVM over IP, DCIM and more.

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Some of Our Partners and Manufacturers

Environmental Monitoring Products

Environmental monitoring tools offer the ability to remotely view temperature and humidity levels in your data center. Monitor moisture and airflow to keep efficiency levels high and downtime low. Instor partners with RLE Technologies to offer environmental monitoring solutions for data centers and colocation data centers.

Power Management

See circuit load status, get complete environmental data, predict power and cooling based on past trends and set up custom alerts. With the right power monitoring and management software, you have a single pane of glass into your data center, regardless of your location.

Sunbird’s Power IQ Software and other tools Instor offers to give you configurable dashboards that show real-time power load, trends, capacity, airflow and more.


Monitor branch circuits, rack power strips and receive alerts with Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools from Sunbird and Nlyte. These tools give data center managers a comprehensive interface in a package that fits your company’s resources and monitoring requirements. We also provide installation and integration services.

Asset Tracking

Keep a real-time eye on your data center’s most critical assets with RFCode’s CenterScape asset tracking platform. CenterScape provides data on your equipment’s location, temperature and other vital data through wireless sensors and an integrated software platform designed to meet your asset tracking needs.

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Leak Detection

Fluid leaks are a major – and costly – cause of data center downtime. Instor partners with RLE Technologies to provide fluid leak detection and facilities monitoring equipment to help keep an eye on failures caused by CRAC, weather, water, heat and more.


Instor has teamed up with Vertiv to offer Avocent KVM over IP switches for quick and easy IT systems management without the need for a dedicated mouse, keyboard and monitor for every single computer or server in your data center. Select rack-mount, desktop and rack-mount consoles to give you control over your system from virtually anywhere in the world.

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Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we’ve served the data center industry with turnkey infrastructure solutions since 1988. From on-premise to wholesale colocation and retail colocation, we’ve provided innovative solutions for everyone from startups to Fortune 50 companies.

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