Future Of Enterprise Computing

What exactly is the future of enterprise computing? What will be the dominant technology guiding the digital world?

Will it be the next leveling of high performance computing that will rule the day? Or will the promise of quantum computing finally claim its throne? So many business critical planning decisions rely on being able to skillfully see through the glass ball. The speed of computing. The security of computing. The energy requirements of computing. And then, of course, there are the cooling needs for the future of computing.

The future is bright in enterprise computing, but knowledge is the key to profiting from this brightness. Want to know who the big winners will be in the future of enterprise computing? Then join us in the Octagon for the next (and most futuristic) in our series of Instor Data Infrastructure Throwdowns.

Your Referees In The Octagon

Jack Vonich - President of Instor

Jack is the President of Instor and a leader in the Data Infrastructure Industry.

Nabeel Mahmood - CTO of Instor

Nabeel is one of the most well-known names in Data Infrastructure Technology and has earned a reputation as an innovator and solution provider.

Battling It Out

Dr. Rob Campbell

Chair of the Quantum Computing Research Program/Capital Technology University

Chair of The Quantum Computing (Ph.D.) Research Program at Capitol Technology University, and Consultant at QuSecure, which offers Enterprise and Military Grade Quantum Resilient Security Products.

Dr. Campbell is also a Blockchain Solution Architect, Adjunct Professor, Independent Distributed Ledger, and Quantum Technology Researcher. His consultant firm conducts independent research and consulting services that include Quantum Resistant Cybersecurity Technologies (QRCT), Blockchain, and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT).

Robert received his MS in Computer Science with a concentration in software engineering and space systems engineering from the Naval Post Graduate School.  Dr. Campbell is a senior cryptologist, former naval officer cryptologist, electronics, spacecraft, sea, land-based reconnaissance expert, and a healthcare certified information technologist.

Additionally, Rob holds the following degrees and certifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology and a Ph.D. in Quantum Resistant Technologies in 2020.  He is a former Naval Cryptologist with over 30 years of experience in the Department of Defense, Private Sector, and the Intelligence Community.

We need to make sure people are aware of the significance of the impact of quantum computing. It will change everything as we know it. 

Dr. Garly Benoit

Chief Technology Officer/ Malor & Company

Dr. Garly Benoit is the Chief Technology Office of Malor & Company. He’s also on the Technology Reviewer Panel of MIT Technology Review.

It critical that what we shared here is something that gets out to a wider audience.

Dr. Garly Benoit | Data Infrastructure Throwdown